Le Studio Salim

The Salim Studio is an comfortable artistic living studio.
One bed room with air conditioning system, King size bed, Cable TV, Correspondences desk, sound system stereo, and wifi access.
The suite bath room with shower stall (hot and cool water) is inside of the bed room.
The Kitchen & Bar are fully equipped to let you prepare your meals like you would back home.
The living room terrace is the perfect spot to chill out. Comfortable armchairs and big sofa facing the nice garden (the large and nice garden will spoil you to stay) are an invitation to relax. The spacious living room is a work of art, displaying carefully chosen antique furniture and beautiful paintings signed by the legend of the house “Salim Fakhrudin”. Kept cool by several ceiling fans, it is also a wonderful place to enjoy lunches and dinners with family and friends.
The location is behind Jl. Raya Laksmana/Oberoi – Kerobokan klod – Bali
Rent for short time only.

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