The painter Carine Francois, (See “Art Book” in the “Artist” category for a sampling of her work and “Villas for rent” for their interior decoration illustrating her artistic flair), and her husband Michel Papaz, businessman and art lover, explore the lesser travelled roads of the planet looking for decorative items, accessories, jewelry and women’s clothing.

Carine’s findings reflect her talent in discovering original pieces with a provocative edge, an artistic frenzy that Michel occasionally tones down to ensure a more commercial selection.

In 2006, turning their passion into a business, they opened two shops in Bali:

-The “Why Not” boutique located in the heart of Seminyak geared towards accessories, women’s clothing, artifacts and lighting.

-The showroom on Jalan Nakula where all accessories, jewelry, women’s clothing, artsy decoration, lamps and exotic furniture are available for retail and wholesale* (*Limited quantities on some items). All showroom goods are on sale till the end of 2012.

They are currently busy planning a new concept store “Why Not Salim” to open on Jalan Oberoi in April 2012. It will display the same range of products as in the Seminyak Boutique and will host painting, photography, jewelry and furniture exhibitions along with various artistic happenings.

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