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WhyNot Salim shop & Gallery

August 17, 2012


by Jean Michel Aucler, Salim F., Carine Francois

EXHIBITION Philippe Heurtault (Photographer) & Carine Francois (Painter)

from 18 May till 12 July.


“It’s ‘WHY NOT SALIM’, to pay tribute to this talented artist gone too soon, who was my friend, my accomplice, my co-worker, always willing to spend the night painting with me. Before leaving, he entrusted me with his sanctuary, his gallery, this wonderful place which was his work-shop, his home… his entire life… Now it’s for me to go on and keep it alive as he would have wished.” Carine François

Jewelry, clothing, lighting, decorative objects and carefully selected pieces of furniture to promote local designers will be offered for sale  while ‘WHY NOT SALIM’ will also act as a venue for paintings, sculptures, photography,  and various artistic exhibitions.

For each event, collections and decoration will emphasize the art on display to accentuate its thematic, its concept, and its originality.

The opening exhibition will introduce us to Philippe Heurtault’s very own private world through his pictures work.

Friend of the jet set of the eighties, he was one of the photographers allowed to shoot their very private and very decadent parties. You will spot the show-biz celebrities of the time throughout his work. Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol, Karl Lagerfeld, Mick Jagger, and many others…

This series of photos, mostly unedited, will be shown to the public for the very first time. Real testimony of bygone days, only 10 copies of each will be issued and signed by the artist. He will kindly attend the opening and tell us all about behind the scenes’ stories and gossip.

Carine François will exhibit paintings inspired by this images. The fantasy of her brush, her vibrant choice of colors and her slightly eccentric style, perfectly illustrates and highlights Philippe’s work. She was not at the wild parties but seduced by the photographic work, she is sharing with us all feelings and emotions it brought upon.

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